domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

Happy And Proud.

You don’t realized how difficult is to be without your family and friends till you live far away, till things happens and they can’t be next to you, till you miss them as much as I do.
It’s hard to be like that, waiting to see them, crying some nights because they aren’t with you and realizing in the morning that they miss you as much as you do.

But I know a hardest thing, when this happens and there isn’t a solution, no Christmas, no holidays to see them. When they are up in the sky, up in heaven and you are down on earth, that has just become a hell without them.

When this happens to me I prefer to draw a big smile on my face, cause I know that it’s how they would like to see me. Happy and proud for having been part of their lives. 


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